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(American, 1910-1984)
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Morris "Mo" Gollub was a renowned American illustrator known for his dynamic and energetic comic book artwork. Gollub's illustration career began during his time at Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied art. He went on to become a prolific comic book artist, creating covers and interior illustrations for numerous titles, including Turok and Myth Samson. Gollub was particularly celebrated for his masterful depictions of equine and human movement, which he brought to life with a sense of fluidity and power. His work on the "Champion the Wonder Horse" comic strip was especially praised for its ability to convey the grace and athleticism of the characters.


In addition to his comic book work, Gollub also contributed illustrations to various publications and was involved in the development of Walt Disney's classic animated film Bambi, for which he created concept art and character designs. Gollub's contributions to the field of illustration were significant, as he helped to elevate the medium and demonstrate the artistic potential of comic book art. His dynamic and expressive style continues to inspire and influence illustrators and artists today.

TARZAN Dell Comics Cover No. 115

Mo Gollub (American, 1910-1984)

Oil on illustration board

Cover artwork for Dell/Gold Key Comics No. 115, Nov-Dec. 1959

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